Gym Partnerships


Our company is passionate about helping gyms and their patrons make the most of their hard work.


As well as selling our amazing range of supplementary drinks directly to the public, we now offer partnerships to carefully selected Gyms who can easily promote and sell our products to passing members in return for a healthy revenue share*!


It’s a “win win” situation for all of our current members as they’re seen to be adding convenience and choice to their members, at the same time as boosting their patron’s results at the gym and ultimately making some extra money for their business.


The process of signing up to stock these products at your gym is very straightforward:


  • Call us to arrange a meeting with our Managing Director who will personally assist you in understanding the product more and how to promote it to your members
  • We send you a selection of our products in a “cool” little fridge (which won’t take up too much space behind reception)
  • Delivery & installation is free of charge
  • The initial stock is also free of charge!
  • A brief agreement needs to be signed so that both parties understand everything fully & you’re good to go!


*The revenue share is negotiable, as each one of our Gym Partners is different – however the standard split is 20% of each bottle sold, goes to the Gym.


Typical financial model:


£2.45 per bottle @20% revenue share (50p per bottle)

Sell just 20 bottles per day & you’ll be generating over £3,600 per year! If you sell more – you’ll of course get more!


All this in exchange for little fridge at reception?!


The best way to find out more is to email us in the first instance – EMAIL us for more info at:

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